Thursday, July 7, 2011

Maidens of Summer [Wallpaper Format]

Wallpaper Version.

Maidens of Summer [Original Format]

Original Format of a Group Picture I worked on

Monday, February 21, 2011

oC's of June 2010 [Part 2]

(6/7/2010) The first is Cloudz' character Bandana.

(6/7/2010) The second is Cloudz' character L4 in some smut.

(6/8/2010) The third is an oC I did with both Cloudz and Zinnthos, the oC was too good, so I had to post the session.

(6/9/2010) The fourth is another completion of oC I did with the same two people.

(6/29/2010) The fifth is a simple drawing I did of Lucy.

Thursday, February 10, 2011

oC's of June 2010 [Part 1]

(6/3/2010) The first is another completion with me and a friend.

(6/6/2010) The second was in a solo oc with Nightdrifter, I drew my Marie on the left, and his milf character Alicia on the right.

oC's of May 2010

(5/2/2010) The first was with KidKaz, I like the whole Yuri scene with Lena & Nova =D

(5/2/2010) The Second was in an oc with Angelbreed, I drew my French Bear Milf Lucy and I did some fanart of AB's Syn.

(5/3/2010) The Third was a completion of Volt's characters.

oC's of March 2010

(3/13/2010) The First was an oC with my sis, Tomego. I drew her yoai character Delon, On the top I drew my character Hao and one the bottom I drew her Tomego with a bloody scythe.

(3/28/2010) The Second was a completion with me and a friend

oC's of February 2010

(2/1/2010) The First one is just a cute chibi drawing of H with a Wacom Intuos 3 Pen

(2/2/2010) The Second is an oC I did with Pawsman, I threw a cute one of Fami and drew his character Jessy and her ass.

oC of (1/10/2010)

An old oC with my friend Uini

I drew my Koopa, Bitomy in a Dan Like pose from Street Fighter and then I drew Uini ass.

oC's of 2009

Past OC's I did in 2009

(8/27/2009) The first one was with KidKaz, we did a pretty huge oc and I couldn't possibly crop out the goodness.

(8/28/2009) The Second I drew one of my girlfriend's characters her name is Jessika.

(12/16/2009) The Third was various that I did with Mess1ah and a friend of his, One is Regular H, the other is a very submissive Lena and last is my Koopa Milf Fami.

(12/25/2009) The Fourth is another I did a with KidKaz again, With one of Multai in her 2009 outfit and a Trebla one.